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Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is a philosophy, which promotes demystification and communication of rehabilitation technology in simple and locally appropriate ways to reach the people with disabilities in rural, tribal and remote areas. CBR works on the principle that no person should be disintegrated from the families and communities. Best possible support must be made available closer to the community. CBR adopts a national and community perspective and works to align with the UN commitment such as rights for children, women, senior citizens, vulnerable groups of the society along with persons with disabilities.

CBR NETWORK is a charitable Trust working in the field of disability since 1992 to promote Community Based rehabilitation of persons with disabilities leading to inclusive development. We are members of Global Partnership for Disability and Development (Initiated by the World Bank trust fund) and association member of Rehabilitation International (A global forum).

We enjoy special consultative status to UN Economic and social council (UN ECOSOC)

Our Focus

Enable people with disabilities and their families to walk on the path of inclusive development in a non-discriminating community with equal opportunities for brothers and sisters with diverse needs.


What we do?

CBR NETWORK promotes CBR philosophy to reach the unreached persons with disabilities in the south Asian countries. Udisha Portage on early childhood inclusion was implemented across 42,000 Anganwadi centers in Karnataka in collaboration with Women and child development department. Spoorthi to empower youth with disabilities with SHGs and micro credits was implemented in Karnataka in collaboration with Department for the empowerment of differently able persons and senior citizens. CBR NETWORK has organized self-help mutual aid groups of senior citizens in Karnataka state.

Moving Away from labels is an innovative approached to inclusive education developed by CBR NETWORK.

CBR NETWORK contributes as technical support organization to Bangalore University and Karnataka State Open University. These universities offer rehabilitation-training programmes for rehabilitation personnel and resource teachers for inclusive education.

CBR NETWORK also functions as zonal coordination committee (southern zone) for the Rehabilitation Council of India, a statutory body.

CBR NETWORK is active in the field of empowerment of senior citizens by establishing Self-help Mutual support groups of senior citizens in Bangalore and neighboring villages. We also issue ID cards for senior citizens on behalf of Department for the empowerment of differently-abled persons and senior citizens, Government of Karnataka.

We develop resource materials, manuals for parents, teachers, doctors, and health workers on rehabilitation, epilepsy and care of senior citizens.

We are actively involved in human resource development programmes in disability and rehabilitation, Epilepsy care and senior citizens.

We are part of Indian Social Responsibility Network, New Delhi.


World We Want - Development Without Barriers.

Special Consultative Status to UNECOSOC
Associate Member-Rehabilitation International
Member-Global Partnership for Disability and Development

134,1st Block, 6th Main, BSK III Stage
Bangalore-560085, India

Phone-91(India)-80(Bangalore)-26724273, 26724221

mSpark - ECCD

mSpark provides a comprehensive platform for the holistic developmental and intervention needs of children in the early age group. The solution utilizes the CBR Portage Methodology and Tools to provide Educational, Intervention, Communication and Expert Guidance to cater to Parents, Teachers, Care givers, Care providers, Therapists, Doctors, field workers and other professionals in the area of child development and intervention.

mSpark Portage App is very useful to grassroot level workers such as Anganwadi workers, ASHA workers, teachers working with children in 0 to 8 years age group. Parents with children with special needs can use the App to get guidance to help the child to learn activities appropriately.

The App broadly provides the following features:
1. CBR Portage Training and certification programs for parents and professionals
2. Screening, Assessment and Intervention via baseline, Individualized Educational Program (IEP) and tracking via CBR Portage Methodology
3. Offline and Real time Expert Advise
4. Resources and Toolkit for child development awareness and intervention

5. Community based interaction and social hub.


mSpark is available for download at:

About Sahayog






We strive to enrich the life of children to reach their fullest potential through parent and community partnership.



We work together to promote Inclusive Education for the Children with Special Needs with Early Intervention as early as 0 years.


Why Intervene Early?

  1. Child development research shows that the first  five years of a child’s life are critical for brain and nervous system development and the rate of children’s learning is most rapid during this period.

  2. All children grow and change at their own rate, some children can experience delays in their development due to several reasons. Sometimes this can be cause for concern.

  3. Early identification and timely intervention can help them develop their full learning potential when their brain is most receptive to learning new things.


The Team:

  1. CBR portage Facilitators.

  2. Child Psychologist.

  3. Clinical Psychologist

  4. Special Educators.

  5. Early Childhood Educators and Montessori Facilitators


Our Services:

  • Parent and family training to assist their child’s holistic development.

  • Referrals for medical treatment and therapy services.

  • Toys, learning material, and Resource library service          

  • Parent Counselling and Guidance

  • Parent Self-help Groups

  • Transition assistance to preschool and primary school as part of the inclusion process.

  • TALC-Life skills development programme for Adolescent Children with Special Needs for Inclusion into Community and Employment



(Early Childhood Care And Development Resource Centre)


No 134, 1st block, 6th Main, Banashankari 3rd stage, Bangalore-560085 Karnataka India


About Change Inkk



Is committed to work on causes of Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, Gender Equality, and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


We collaborate with Diverse Stakeholders including Youth, Parents, Educators, Private Sector, Civil Society, and Government to ink sustainable change. It is incubated by: The Convergence Foundation.


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