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IRIEC a digital library, also called an online library, is an online database of digital objects that can include text, images, audios, videos, digital documents, or other digital media formats or a library accessible through the internet.

Disability is a multidisciplinary domain and there are resources available on public polices, legislations, road maps, assistive technologies, parental support, teacher support and direct child support documents /videos /presentations across the globe.

One of the challenges in this age of resource and information overload is in identifying the relevant resource one needs, its location, accessing the resources and link with networks to get support to use the resources available. This may require additional inputs to use the same at the field level.


IRIEC digital library is developed with two goals:

1. To create an easy to access catalogue of books/videos/presentations  with the

Title of the resource material and having the following information:

  • Abstract to understand the focus of the resource material

  • Author

  • Year of development of the resource

  • Link to down load

  • Accessibility links.

Who can use the Digital library?

Government departments, Teachers, Parents, People with disabilities, Anganwadi workers, rehab professionals, Resource teachers, Researchers, Universities and others working in education, health and development sectors will find the digital library a single window of access to resources available across the globe.

Linking with V.E.D.A talks:

We understand that mere access to the resource library may not be enough to use the knowledge /skills available in those materials. Therefore, we have arranged monthly workshops and monthly public lectures related to the existing and combining knowledge on various issues related to Assistive technologies, inclusive education, Disaster management, Prevention of disabilities, Safe motherhood, CBR, Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), Policies, Evaluations etc under IRIEC website.

How to use the Digital library?


Please register with one time annual registration to access A-Z resources available in IRIEC website. A nominal fee of Rs 500 per year allows you to participate in V.E.D.A talks by national and global experts, download resource materials and participate in short term training workshops free of cost.


Digital libraries have integrated accessibility features such as color contract, text size options, SLD easy to read, pdf text to speech etc.

The content in Indian languages may not include all accessibility features. As and when new assistive technologies are available, we will take steps to add more accessibility features.

Search and Find option:

Digital library has search and find option. For easy access a set of listings of 50 documents in a box  is used. (1-50-51-100 etc)


We wish to express our gratitude to the team of dedicated young professionals who have been working 24x7 in the preparation of catalogues and upload of the content on the website.


Thank you digital library team members - Prof Radhika Gopinath, Ms Bhavani, MS Nidhi Muralidharan, Noor Sehgal, Shalini Madan, Ms Chahat Jain from PESIT,Bangalore, Mrs  Soumya and Mr Vineeth Nagaraju.

We are deeply grateful to Mr Thejas Anand  for the technical support.

We welcome you to IRIEC Digital library which we hope you find it useful

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