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DL0014: A Road map for the implementation of RPwD ACT 2016 in India

Updated: Feb 6, 2022


India signed and ratified UN convention on the persons with Disabilities in 2007. However, there was a large scale identification of disabilities in the population in 2011 census which is available in C-20 prevalence of disabilities data in the census reports of the government of India. In India we do not have incidence data on disability (Incidence data refers to number of persons with disabilities who are born and the prevalence data refer to the number of persons with disabilities who have survived).

Unless there is a mandatory screening of all new born and mandatory screening in the first 1000 days it is not possible to get the disability incidence data in India. RBSK is a national programme for children, however it is not implemented in the entire country and data for the country as a whole is not available. In ICDS the data is collected by

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