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DL0040: Barrier Free Planning for Schools and Colleges

Abstract: The purpose of this document study is to integrate disabled people into higher education in order to take an active part in the national development programmes while leading a life with dignity and self-reliance. In order to be achieving this, an individual with a disability should be able to commute between home, university/college, work and other destinations. It is also intrinsically important to design the classrooms, library, washrooms, canteen, hostels, and college buses, parking facilities etc to make the movement easy. It is equally important to use the technology to make learning available is in accessible formats to meet the diverse needs of students. With disabilities studying in universities/affiliated colleges. This document explores the scientifically tested and appropriately usable technologies available today to develop both built and learning environments is disability friendly. All students and faculty can use a majority of designs. There are a few facilities which may be needed only for the use of persons with a specific type of a special need. The needs of persons with disabilities are not homogenous. The

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